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Become a part of the NovoNations Community

NovoNations aims to build and connect global cultures by creating opportunities for colleagues to meet at regular events, such as our Finally Friday’s, coffee and lunch meet-ups, cultural, seasonal celebrations and much more. Our members enjoy a host of benefits including but not limited to:

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive invitation to member-only events at your local site* and in-town

  • Complimentary first drink at our trademark ‘Finally Friday’ events

  • Exclusive discounts on entry tickets and event registration

  • Cross-organizational networking opportunity

  • Eligibility to join NovoNations administration and gain leadership/volunteer experience

*Site-specific activities differ across Novo Nordisk and affiliates. Please contact the Executive Board to learn more about NovoNations activities at your place of work.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Standard Membership

    Every year
  • 3 Years Membership

    Every 3 years
  • FREE Standard Membership

    Valid for one year
  • 3 Years Free Subscription

    Valid for 3 years
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