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NovoNations Governance

Version 2. 19.01.2022

NovoNations ExecBoard adhere to the following guidelines, responsibilities and commitments as approved by the executive board members of the year 2020-2021. Any current or future member of the ExecBoard is required to fulfil their duty and govern their portfolio as described below and as agreed upon. The document will be revised periodically according to the changing needs of the association and may result in the administration change or creation of additional new portfolios. Any updates or changes in this document will require approval of the majority of the ExecBoard.

The ExecBoard members are required to commit minimum 2-3 hour / week (in addition to bimonthly touchpoint meetings and events participation) to fulfil NovoNations duties.

If an ExecBoard member decides to resign, the person is required to inform the ExecBoard in writing at least one month in advance unless agreed otherwise with the Chair or Vice Chair for a shorter notice period. A handover process will be initiated once the resignation is submitted and approved.


As the leader of the Executive Board, the Chair works in close conjunction with all functions and has an oversight of on-going and planned activities. The Chair presides over Board meetings and General Assemblies and ensures continuity in leadership. In close collaboration with ExecBoard, the chair will assess Association’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks in order to set goals to support the Association’s mission and members’ needs. The Chair is the voice of NovoNations and liaises with other associations. As a legally responsible person for NovoNations, the Chair can veto any issues/conflicts that may arise within the ExecBoard when deemed necessary.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair works in close collaboration with the Chair and have complementary roles sharing the load of leading the Association. The Vice Chair is expected to serve as Chair in the latter’s absence and is the overall responsible for establishing the Association’s strategy. The Vice Chair will establish and manage various committees/working groups within the ExecBoard and ensure smooth co-ordination across the portfolios.


In addition to the above individual responsibilities, Chair and the Vice Chair will jointly drive the following general administration duties to ensure the continuous operation of the association:

  • People management – 1:1 meetings with ExecBoard members

  • Supportive and constructive feedback/advice to ExecBoard

  • Drive ExecBoard / Ambassadors team building and social activities

  • Identify new Ambassadors to expand and create active on-site community

  • Drive board meetings with set agenda and ensure meeting logistics

  • Attend secretary meetings



The Partnerships portfolio holds the responsibility of executing strategic collaborations between NovoNations and Novo Nordisk. Partnerships will map all stakeholders, execute the outreach strategy, liaise with Novo Nordisk management and administration to support NovoNations growth. 

  • Create framework for collaboration with Novo Nordisk 

  • Enhance partnership with D&I organizations across Novo Nordisk sites 

  • Become a formal partner of P&O organization / Global Mobility and create structured new employee onboarding process – e.g. Welcome package, NovoNations Buddy  

  • Create alliance with NAF and promote D&I values within NAF 

  • Expand NovoNations in and beyond Denmark - reach additional sites, e.g. Kalundborg, Gentofte, Aalborg, etc and global – NNRCO, NNRCC, NNRCS, NNRCI etc. 

  • Promote improved visibility for NovoNations and secure strong support from Executive Management  

  • Liaise and collaborate with D&I partner outside Novo Nordisk

Networking & Activities

NovoNations organises and hosts recurring and ad hoc activities throughout the year. The Networking & Activities portfolio is the overall responsible for connecting NovoNations members across the organization through professional and social activities, as well as setting the event strategy. The team will work towards the successful organisation and conduct of events, including budgeting.

  • Plan and develop new events and activities in alignment with NovoNations vision 

  • Focus as well beyond social events and enhance local on-site activities  

  • Facilitate professional exchange, networking & idea sharing – on-site coffee meetings / NovoNations lunches, Learn session  

  • Create and execute NovoNations Speaker Series – To learn from each other culturally and professionally 

  • Team up with Novo Nordisk and plan long-term activities together in collaboration with partnerships portfolio (e.g. Invite external speakers and facilitate workshops / meetings on D&I) 

  • Cater social activities to accommodate diverse NovoNations members – e.g. family centric events, Danes + Non-Danes Talk  

  • Upgrade the networking & activities pipeline 

  • Create easy and user-friendly registration for events with help of Digital Content & Branding

  • Prepare procurement material for events

  • Participate in events and host the NovoNations members

  • Ensuring at least one person from the events team (1st Responsible) and one person from ExecBoard (2nd Responsible) are present in the event

  • Confirm an additional third person (anyone from ExecBoard) as a back up for the event

Networking & Activities

Digital Content & Branding

The Digital Content & Branding portfolio is responsible for creating innovative tools to brand the association. The portfolio will ensure all communications (outside of ExecBoard) are aligned across channels and conforms to the NovoNations brand. In addition, the portfolio will be responsible for the maintenance of the IT infrastructure, social media accounts and e-mail management.  

  • Create new marketing tools / digital channels to advertise and promote NovoNations 

  • Harness the power of digital platforms to connect and communicate with members, non-members and Novo Nordisk management 

  • Drive initiatives to build future digital products - NovoNations App, Podcast – POV, video and testimony blog, Yammer 

  • Manage existing digital channels (Teams, Facebook, LinkedIn) and NovoNations website 

  • Develop and implement a communications strategy that aims to spread NovoNations’ D&I initiatives

  • Produce corporate branding materials for NovoNations - Information leaflets, introduction slides, Banner, Flag etc. 

Digital Content & Branding

Strategy & Governance

The Strategy and Governance portfolio is the overall responsible for establishing the Association’s strategy as well as govern the finance and legal affairs of the organization. The portfolio will establish and manage various committees/working groups within the ExecBoard and ensure smooth co-ordination across the portfolios.  

  • Map the strategic directions for Novo Nations to fulfil its vision 

  • Set up short- and long-term goals (eg. Financial, membership, outreach, partnerships etc.) for NovoNations and implement task force to achieve the goals 

  • Assess and address gaps, opportunities, and risks within NovoNations  

  • On the financial front, liaise with bank, tax authority SKAT and external accounting  

  • Update budget/finances including membership fee payment/refund management and report to ExecBoard 

  • Aim to secure additional funding 

  • Ensure compliance with Bylaws, Novo Nordisk and external guidelines  

  • Update Bylaws when deemed necessary and approved by ExecBoard 

  • Ensure compliance with GDPR - Ensure member data is deleted (card details, email address, etc) as soon as it is not required

Strategy & Governance
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